W ebYeshiva.org is the world’s first fully-interactive Torah study program on the web. WebYeshiva.org uses the latest video-conferencing technology to offer real-time, interactive classes taught by outstanding Rabbis and teachers. With a round-the-clock schedule of classes on a variety of different subjects and levels, anyone with access to the internet can enter the world of online Torah learning. For those who can’t attend live or want to review between classes, everything is recorded and available in the archives.

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WebYeshiva.org was launched in November 2007 by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, a veteran Rosh Yeshiva with many years of teaching experience, who recognized that not everyone has the luxury of spending time in a “real” Beit Midrash or Yeshiva so easily. His dream was to make Torah accessible to Jews all over the world and to help them improve their learning skills in an interactive classroom environment, using the latest internet technology. WebYeshiva.org offers live, growth-oriented, cumulative courses for serious students who want to be actively involved in Torah learning.