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Rabbi Jeffrey Green

Rabbi Jeffrey Green is one of the Halacha Mastery Program’s first semicha recipients. Rabbi Green began his formal learning in the mid-1980’s at the Pardes Institute for Jewish Studies in Jerusalem under the spiritual guidance of Rav Meir Schweiger. It was at that time he made a commitment to fully understanding both practical halacha […]

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Rabbi Nathan Davidovich

Rabbi Nathan Davidovich is one of the Halacha Mastery Program‘s first semicha recipients. Rabbi Davidovich spent most of his life in Denver, Colorado, until making Aliyah to Efrat in 1994. A 1963 graduate of the University of Denver College of Law, he has since practiced law as a trial lawyer even commuting for court hearings, trials […]

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Rabbi Dr. Daniel Kaganovich

Rabbi Dr. Daniel Kaganovich is one of’s first semicha recipients. Aside from his four years learning in the Halacha Mastery Program he also has a BA in Biochemistry from Harvard University and a PhD in Cell Biology from Stanford University.   As a cell biology professor whose lab studies the molecular mechanism of cell aging and aging-associated […]

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Rabbi Dr. Bernie Kastner

Rabbi Dr. Bernie ‘Baruch’ Kastner is one of’s first recipients of rabbinic ordination. Rabbi Kastner is a graduate of Yeshiva University and Columbia University. He served as an administrator at the Mount Sinai Medical Center and later on as an associate director of the AVI CHAI Foundation. His family made Aliyah from New York […]

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Supporting Characters: Shimshon

The following podcast is part of our series ‘Supporting Characters,’ by Mrs Ilana Saks. In this podcast Mrs. Saks covers the personality of Shimshon. Ilana Goldstein Saks is a teacher of Tanakh in Jerusalem at the Tehilla High School. She has taught at Machon Pardes, Midreshet Lindenbaum, and Midreshet Harova in Jerusalem, written curricula for the Melton […]

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