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Pidyon Shevuyim – The Redemption of Captives

On January 3rd, 2010, WebYeshiva hosted a unique discussion live online between WebYeshiva’s Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Chaim Brovender, and Dore Gold, the former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations. The culmination of a three part mini series dealing with the halachot and Jewish traditions of Pidyon Shevuyim – the mitzva to redeem Jewish captives – this session brought to light some of the challenges and issues relevant today in applying this mitzva in the context of the modern State of Israel.

Click below to access the podcast from the session.

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Seeing the Real Beauty

I’m always so amazed by optimists, I honestly am. With the insanity and craziness which we are struck by, on a daily basis, it is
sometimes so very hard to see the beauty within everything.

Our parsha of the week speaks of leaders of the Jewish People who are sent out to scout the land of Israel, the beautiful little piece
of land which was promised and destined to us by the One Above, before entering and settling.

We all know what happens. After they come back and speak of what they saw, we were severely punished with a forty year detour in the desert.

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Pirates, Ransoms & The Talmudic Sages

Jews throughout their history have had to contend with kidnappings and ransoms. It was so prevalent that legislation had already appeared in the Talmud.

The Sages ascertained that being held captive was a fate literally worse than death:

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How should we view the State of Israel?

Questions and Answers with Rabbi Brovender Question: How do you view the State of Israel – what role does it play in the history of the Jewish people? Answer: The State of Israel is a very significant part of the Jewish historical reality. It cannot be ignored in the present, and holds out great hope […]

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