Rabbi Allan Goldenberg is one of the WebYeshiva.org Halacha Mastery Program‘s first recipients of semicha.
Rabbi Goldenberg was a prosecutor in the Cook County, Illinois, State Attorney’s Office and worked in a variety of areas including as a felony trial lawyer and also on the executive staff. 


“The Halacha Mastery Program provided an online platform for learning practical halacha at an advanced level. It was an opportunity for me to engage in very meaningful halachic learning online in live and interactive classes with excellent and amazing teachers,” Rabbi Goldenberg said. 

“Learning halacha at the conceptional level allows one to travel throughout the generations and I enjoyed the creative thinking and problem solving the rabbis brought to situations throughout time,” he said.


Rabbi Goldenberg added, “Torah learning is a lifetime endeavor and having an advanced knowledge of practical halacha will allow me to, in time, teach and help others and ultimately make the world a better place.”


Rabbi Goldenberg has a BA from the University of Illinois, a JD from the Northern Illinois University’s College of Law, and previously studied at the Hebrew Theological College. 

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