Born in Israel and currently living in Brazil, Rabbi Diego Raigorodsky is one of the Halacha Mastery Program‘s first recipients of semicha.

He chose the Halacha Mastery Program due to the convenience of studying online at his own pace from the comfort of his home.

“Learning through the Halacha Mastery Program was a great choice because I had the chance to delve into the centuries of halacha brought down to us by our sages and gain a wide range of understanding of the halacha making process -and I did it all online with great teachers,” he said.

Rabbi Raigorodsky’s main drive for wanting to study halacha was because he found that when teaching about Jewish culture it was very common for students to want to know more about Judaism and how to properly fulfill the mitzvot.

“In a modern world, with new questions arising all the time, solutions and answers have to be found in the traditional sources. So, in order to be able to answer these students and their modern questions, I thought it was vital to study halacha,” he said. 

He added, “For a Jew, learning Torah is important because I feel Torah is the real bridge that connects a Jew to God. For me, personally, Torah study is the single most satisfying endeavor I as a Jew can undertake as it reveals ‘the mind of God’ and the deepest secrets of the universe.”
Rabbi Raigorodsky studied at the University of São Paulo (USP) where he received his BA in Linguistics, specializing in Semitic Languages (Hebrew, Aramaic) and Yiddish. He then earned a Master of Arts in Hebrew Language and Culture, also at USP, and works as a translator of Jewish sources and Hebrew interpreter.
He has taught Hebrew, Aramaic, Yiddish and other Jewish topics such as parshat hashavua and Talmud to hundreds of students from all over the world both online and in his community. One of Rabbi Raigorodsky’s classes on includes Mamaloshen 2015: Yiddish for Beginners

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