ATID/ recently held a discussion evening at the Begin Center on Rabbi Dr. Zvi Grumet’s “Survey of Yeshiva High School Graduates.”

It dealt with the American model of yeshiva education asking the important questions is it working and how do we know?

Following the program introduction given by Rabbi Jeffrey Saks, Director, ATID, Rabbi Grumet presented his findings.

Respondents included Dr. Julie Goldstein (Rosh Midreshet Amudim; fmr. Maayonot School, Teaneck) & Rabbi Dr. Barry Kislowicz (Global Education Director, CET; fmr. Head of School, Fuchs Mizrachi, Cleveland).

Dr. Yoel Finkelman (National Library of Israel) acted as moderator during the audience discussion

To listen to the full presentation click HERE.

To read the full “Survey Of Yeshiva High School Graduates” click HERE.

Rabbi Dr. Zvi Grumet teaches at Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi and other university-level programs in Israel, and is a senior staff member at The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education, where he is editor of Jewish Educational Leadership. He earned Rabbinic ordination and doctorate in education at Yeshiva University and dedicated the first eighteen years of his career to teaching Torah and leading educational institutions in the US. Rabbi Grumet’s books include Moses and the Path to Leadership (Urim, 2014) and his recently released Genesis: From Creation to Covenant (Maggid, 2017).

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