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Parsha Podcast: Megillat Esther

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Yonah and the Megillot: Achashverosh Speaks Twice

Then spoke the king Achashverosh and said unto Esther the queen: ‘Who is he, and where is he, that does presume in his heart to do this?  (Esther 7:5) This translation, taken with slight adaptation from the 1917 JPS edition, does not fully convey the repetitive nature of this verse.  The verb “va’yomar” appears twice, […]

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Yonah and the Megillot: A King Can’t Sleep

Achashverosh finds sleep elusive and calls for the book of records.  What disturbs his slumber and how will reading this book resolve the dilemma?   Rashi suggests that God providentially prevents the Persian king’s sleep.  God arranged for a rough night so that Achashverosh would call for the book of records and discover his debt to […]

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Yonah and the Megillot: Esther’s Moment of Decision

Mordechai told them to relay to Esther: ‘Do not think that you shall escape in the king’s house, more than all the Jews. For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise to the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish; and who knows whether you […]

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Yonah and the Megillot: Mordechai’s Refusal to Bow

Why does Mordechai refuse to bow before Haman, a defiance endangering himself and all of his brethren?  After all, Haman’s angry response leads to an edict threatening national annihilation.  Mordechai had no apparent reason to refuse since bowing respectfully before another person violates no religious norms.  Yosef’s brothers bow to him (Bereishit 42:6) and Natan […]

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A Chanuka Message from Rabbi Brovender

Rabbi Chaim Brovender about Chanuka. Lecture recorded by Yaakov Fogelman.

Parsha Podcast: Chanuka

Parsha Podcast: Chanuka

Special pre-Chanuka Shiur by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, dedicated by Bati and Eddie Jacobs in loving memory of Dr. Chuck Feldman […]

Parsha Podcast Vayishlach: Angels

Parsha Podcast Vayishlach: Angels

Parshat Vayishlach A Podcast by Rabbi Chaim Brovender Click here for sources.   Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Book Review: Rav Kook’s Introduction to Shabbat HaAretz

Rav Kook’s Shmita Vision Rabbi Julian Sinclair discusses his newly released edition of “Rav Kook’s Introduction to Shabbat HaAretz” (Hazon, […]

“Twofold” by S.Y. Agnon, Translated by Rabbi Jeffrey Saks

Rabbi Jeffrey Saks’s new translation of an Agnon Story (“Pi Shnayim” – Twofold) appears online today in Tablet Magazine as […]

Letters to an American Jewish Friend

A Conversation between Hillel Halkin and R. Chaim Brovender Two leading American-born Zionist thinkers discuss topics first raised in Halkin’s […]