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The Torah Scholar’s Obligation Not to Ignore Insults

Before the last two weeks, when I digressed to other topics, I had been discussing when and how to respond to inappropriate people.  We had seen that there were two issues, first of how that person does or does not deserve (or could absorb) a response, and then how how it might be better to […]

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What Does Hair Mean to a Kohen?

I’ve spent two introductory shiurim coming at the topic of hair, but the truth is that the Torah commandment that brought the topic to my attention relates specifically to the kohanim, the priests. In the aftermath of the deaths of Nadav and Avihu, Aharon’s sons, Moshe commands them not to let their hair grow nor […]

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Halachik Issues with Teaching Women Gemara

Rabbi Chaim Brovender continues his discussion with Rabbi Gabe Pransky, touching on the Halachik Issues involved with teaching women Gemara.

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Halacha Yomit: The 13 Attributes of Mercy & Selichot (cont.)

In this video, Rabbi Chaim Brovender explains Rabbi Yehuda’s statement in Gemara Rosh Hashana about the 13 attributes of mercy. Rabbi Brovender then continues to explain how these 13 attributes help us to do Teshuva.

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Insights in Pirkei Avot: Is Torah an Inheritance?

R. Yossi would say: The property of your fellow should be as precious to you as your own. Prepare yourself for the study of Torah, for it is not an inheritance to you. And all your deeds should be for the sake of Heaven. (Avot 2:12) R. Yossi’s second statement seems to contradict a biblical […]

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A Chanuka Message from Rabbi Brovender

Rabbi Chaim Brovender about Chanuka. Lecture recorded by Yaakov Fogelman.

Parsha Podcast: Chanuka

Parsha Podcast: Chanuka

Special pre-Chanuka Shiur by Rabbi Chaim Brovender, dedicated by Bati and Eddie Jacobs in loving memory of Dr. Chuck Feldman […]

Parsha Podcast Vayishlach: Angels

Parsha Podcast Vayishlach: Angels

Parshat Vayishlach A Podcast by Rabbi Chaim Brovender Click here for sources.   Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Book Review: Rav Kook’s Introduction to Shabbat HaAretz

Rav Kook’s Shmita Vision Rabbi Julian Sinclair discusses his newly released edition of “Rav Kook’s Introduction to Shabbat HaAretz” (Hazon, […]

“Twofold” by S.Y. Agnon, Translated by Rabbi Jeffrey Saks

Rabbi Jeffrey Saks’s new translation of an Agnon Story (“Pi Shnayim” – Twofold) appears online today in Tablet Magazine as […]

Letters to an American Jewish Friend

A Conversation between Hillel Halkin and R. Chaim Brovender Two leading American-born Zionist thinkers discuss topics first raised in Halkin’s […]